Classes & Fees

Downloadable Class Schedule Jan-Apr
Downloadable Class Schedule May-Aug

Cedar Falls Rec Center Fitness until May 1

  • 4-month or 1-month fitness pass is available.  
  • Session 1: January-April (Please see below)
  • A fitness pass permits your unlimited usage to any fitness class that does not require pre-registration.
  • A Recreation Center facility membership is not needed to purchase a fitness pass.
  • Fitness Passes are half price if you have a Rec Center Membership.
  • Must be 16 years old to attend all fitness classes.  18 for pre-registered fitness classes.  If you have questions regarding an exception contact
  • Fitness Pass Fees

    • $35.00 for a 1-month Pass /
      $30.00 with Rec Center Membership.
    • $5.00 daily pass may be purchased.
      This allows you a one-time tryout for any of the fitness pass classes.
    • Several Classes are pre-registered and you must sign up at the front desk - these classes are an additional cost and it is noted on the description. A fitness pass is not required to sign up for these classes.

    Beginning May 1 all Recreation and Fitness Center members and daily visitors will be able to attend any fitness classes previously covered by fitness passes at no extra charge and partake in free towel service.  So, if whether you have one month or 11 months before your membership expires  you will have access to these services free of charge.  The Recreation and Fitness Center membership fees have remained the same since April of 2014.  The new fee structure will be as follows:
    Daily Admission (Resident and Non-Resident)
    12th Grade and under  $6.00
    Adult  $9.00
    Senior Citizen (65 and older)  $6.00
    Annual Membership/Resident/Non-Resident
    12th Grade and under/$115.00/$210.00
    Senior Citizen/$155.00/$290.00
    20 Punch Cards/Resident/Non-Resident
    12th Grade and under/$58.00/$140.00
    Senior Citizen/$78.00/$120.00
    Summer Special (May-Aug)Resident/Non-Resident
    12th Grade and under/$57.50/$105.00
    Senior Citizen/$77.50/$145.00

  • WINTER WEATHER: Regardless of Cedar Falls Schools weather delays or cancellations all Rec Center fitness classes will be offered and held as scheduled.