Yard Waste Collection Information

Yard Waste Carts

  • Yard waste is collected on Monday's during the months of April, May, June, October and November. July through September waste is collected on Mondays every other week (see schedule below).
  • The yard waste cart is a 95 gallon cart with a $10.00 fee per dump. During the months of April, October and November the yard waste cart is $5.00 per dump. This charge is added to your monthly CFU bill.
  • Yard waste is collected during the months of December through March on a call in basis. To schedule a pick up call the Public Works Department at (319) 273-8629.
  • If your yard waste cart was missed, please call the Public Works office by noon on Tuesday.

Yard Waste Collection Schedule

  • Carts are collected every Monday in April, May, June, October and November.
  • July through September yard waste carts are picked up every other week.
  • 2017 July through September collection dates:
    • July 3, July 17, July 31,
    • August 14, August 28, September 11
    • September 25

Exceptions to the Collection Schedule

There is no Monday yard waste collection for the following dates:
  • May 29, September 4 and December 25

Paper Biodegradable Waste Bags

Paper biodegradable yard waste bags are no longer collected curbside. You may dispose of them at the transfer station or at the compost facility.

Transfer Station Information

The Transfer Station accepts yard waste daily during normal operations.

Yard Waste disposal fees are .75 cents per bag or $29.50 per ton. Residents may take their yard waste to the seasonal compost facility.


The Compost Facility is open April through November:
  • Monday through Friday, 7:30AM till dusk
  • Saturday and Sunday 8:00AM till dusk
There is no fee for yard waste disposal at the compost facility.

Transfer Station

Monday through Friday, 7:00AM to 6:00PM
Saturday 8:00AM to 3:00PM

See the Yard Waste Collection Brochure for more information.