Fire Operations

Cedar Falls Fire Rescue provides fire and rescue services to 29.7 square miles inside the city limits, protecting more than 39,000 citizens and more than a billion dollars in fixed property.

Contracted protection services are also provided for the University of Northern Iowa with a population of more than 13,000 students. Over 4,600 of those students live on campus.

Additionally, the Fire Department provides protection services for approximately thirty six square miles for the Union and Washington Townships.

Total population served by Fire Operations is over 42,000.

Cedar Falls Fire Rescue is operated under the direction of Chief John Bostwick. Fire Operations takes pride in being an efficient, well-trained, and equipped organization. It provides fire and rescue services from three fire stations.

The Station 1, or Fire Headquarters, is located at 18th and Main Street, with two substations. Station 2 is located on Lone Tree Road. When staffed, Station 2 serves all areas north of the Cedar River, as well as an initial response area north of 1st Street. Station 3 is located at South Main and Bluebell Road and covers the city south of University Ave. as that engine crew's initial response area.

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